Friday, July 18, 2014

Ricky Tim's Seminar

Thursday afternoon was the start of the Ricky Tim's Seminar, Cedar Rapids, Iowa . There are over 300 registered for this event. It should be an interesting weekend.

I was rather disappointed that there weren't more vendors and I knew this in advance but. . .  One of the sponsors for the event is Bernina. They have a large display of great sewing machines and accessories. Ricky Tims has his fabulous hand dyed fabrics as well as some Superior Threads and a few other quilting supplies and Alex Anderson has her wonderful variety of quilt books and patterns. I'm looking forward to their quilt talks.

Pam Holland, Photographer and Art Quilter from Australia, is selling her alphabet book, The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet. I now own an autographed copy! She is an amazing speaker. I'm looking forward to her session as well.

I took photos of the quilts on display and I will try to get those for you as soon as I get them transferred from my camera.


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