Sunday, March 3, 2013

Working . . .

This past week I have been getting ready for the 'fantastic fabric' workshop I'm teaching on Thursday. I also started and finished 20 credit card / business card holders using my 'fantastic fabric'. There are also more 3-D fish in the works. Now for a look at some embellished textile work by other textile artists. Check these out:

Threads: Working with Embellished Fabrics
Crazy Pieced Fabric Postcards from Anne's Creative Threads
Bayou Bags: Easy Fabric Embellishment
Embellished Fabric Beads from Quilt Robin - these are neat!
Confetti Fabric from Heather's 3 Stars
Textile Artists, Felicity Hopkins, Wendy Freebourne, Jill Dian Izzard, and Ruth Osborn

Evening Bag made from my Fantastic Fabric

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