Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Laurie Swim - Textile Artist

On my travels, I had the opportunity to visit Laurie Swim's Gallery in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, Laurie wasn't there. We met several years ago (I believe it was 2002), at the Waterloo County and Area Quilt Festival. Each year quilts from a different province were highlighted and it was Newfoundland and Labrador's turn. I curated the quilts and accompanied them to the festival. South African quilts were also on display as well as some of Laurie's masterpieces. Laurie and I also happened to take several workshops together.

Laurie Swim's medium is quilting in which each piece tells a story. If you ever get the chance, please go visit her gallery and see her work up close. A photograph in a book is great but not as fantastic as the real thing. You are able to see the threads and fabrics and how they relate to create a fabulous scene.
Laurie has also written three books. The latest one is The Quilt as Art, Rags to Riches. I have my own signed copy.

I was given permission to photograph around her gallery. Enjoy!


  1. Wonder why I have a sudden urge to go to Lunenburg!?
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I am a fan of Laurie Swim's work. It's great to have a glimpse into her gallery. Thanks for posting these photos.