Friday, November 11, 2011

Houston Quilt Festival

In 2001, I travelled to Houston with some quilting friends to attend the International Quilt Festival. It was one of the best quilt related experiences of my life. I can still picture the hugh conference center filled with quilts and everything related to quilting that a quilter / quilt artist could desire. Each year in November, I think about that trip. I hope to travel there again sometime in the future. Anyway, I always look for postings of the quilts and other art displayed there. It's not as good as been there but it is the next best thing. Check out the following sites:

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  1. Judy, just happened to see your posting. I was in Houston last weekend with some quilting friends. Absolutely amazing. Might be the best quilt thing I've ever done. Would love to go again, maybe in a couple of years. It was a lot to take in, in a very short time. Ilene Atkins