Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've spent the last couple of months (between been a gopher) painting! Don't get excited, as the paint was put on walls in my parent's house and not on fabric. However, now that I'm finished with that project, there is a bit more time to think of other things. Since our summer and spring has been so dreary with all the rain, drizzle and fog, I feel it's time to think about colour.

First of all, check out some Color Theory from Wikipedia and Tiger Color.
Then stop at Color Matters for more technical stuff. Click on the drop down menu.
Some Color Theory Lessons from Art Factory.
To find more information about colour, do a search for Colour Theory.

Now, on to Quilting and Colour:
Joen Wolfrom's blog is all about color for quilters. 
Leaves of Green from Blue Moon River
Patchwork Posse: Trunk Show Tuesday with the Color Wheel
Mingle Color Theory and Straight and Narrow from Craft Gossip
Color Beat Quilt from Robert Kaufman
Color your Way from Daily Craft
Circle Quilt Tutorial from Bijou Lovely


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