Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Tree and Other Stuff

I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my Christmas tree until I checked out last year's tree photo. It had coloured lights in addition to the pre-lit clear ones as I had put on extra lights. Next year it will definitely have the coloured bulbs as those are my favorite.

Today has been a quiet one. A time for reading, jigsaw puzzles, car racing video game, Banana Grams and food. You would think food would be last on the list after Christmas day but. . . Talking about food - my Christmas Pudding was delicious after it's dicey beginnings. My mother's comment: 'I think it's better than mine' - even if I did forget to put in the rum!

Here's some quilts and stuff  with a food theme to use for inspiration:

Canned goods 
Apple Falls Quilt Art 
Apple (scroll down)
Celtic Pear 
Pomegranate Art Quilts
Pears Mola Quilt 
Banana for Anna  
Dancing Pineapples  


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