Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everything Blueberry

photo by Judy Cooper
This is blueberry season here in Newfoundland and we just finished cleaning and bagging several gallons of them. As a result, I decided to see what I could find that was related to textile art and blueberries. I  searched for blueberry art quilts, blueberry stitching, and just plain blueberry. Then I remembered an art quilt I saw in 2001 at the Houston International Quilt Festival. One of the pieces that intrigued me was a very large quilt displaying a cluster of blueberries. The use of hand dyed fabrics to get the blending of shades for the berries was fantastic. I don't remember the name of the quilt or it's creator. If anyone knows about this quilt, please contact me so that I can give credit to its creator.
I did find a few sites with a blueberry connection. Have a look!
photo by Judy Cooper
Just writing about these delicious berries makes me hungry! What will I bake?

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