Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quiltennium Dreams

photos by Judy Cooper
The Cabot Quilters' Guild challenged its members to make a special quilt to welcome in the year 2000. Yes, I'm going back a few years now! I was into quilting at that time so I decided to meet the challenge. For a few years while on summer vacation, I had collected fabrics with gold metallic in them so this project seemed the one to use them. They turned out well in my opinion. I used the pattern, Magic Tiles by Kathleen Bissett . It was made into a queen size quilt by adding two extra rows before putting on the outer border. The quilt was stippled all over with wine coloured thread. Quiltennium Dreams was exhibited at the Waterloo/Kitchener Quilt Festival, 2002 and at the Cabot Quilters' Guild Show.
Last New Years, my daughter was home for a visit and decided she wanted the quilt. So on our visit to Chicago in June, I brought it to her. It has a home at last!

Close up

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