Monday, March 29, 2010

Traditional Quilting

I'm not into traditional quilting even though I belong to two quilt guilds. However, a lot of my friends do beautiful quilting. I have made a couple of quilts and one is for a queen size bed. My daughter, who lives in Chicago, has claimed it.

I just discovered Cluck Cluck Sew , a site with easy to follow (visuals) directions for making traditional quilts, applique pillows, and easy tote bag. Lots of links to other free tutorials and patterns at Cluck Cluck Sew as well.
For example:
oven mitt pattern
square pin cushion (PDF file)
fabric beach balls
little boxy pouch
bird ornament  (lots of patterns)        

I think I got off the track a bit! I was writing about traditional quilts, wasn't I ?!!! So much for a short attention span. Here goes again:
How Stuff Works has a traditional quilt patterns channel library.
I've mentioned Quilter's Cache before. They have oodles of patterns.
Check out Canadian Living
Bed quilts at Free Quilting

I hope this helps you get into the quilting mood! Now I need to get inspired to try something new, however it won't be making a quilt!!!


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