Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hand Embroidery

A couple of years ago, I completed a three year (5 level) hand embroidery course. Here's a piece of Crewel Embroidery that I designed and embroidered. It's done on linen.

If you are interested in hand embroidery, check out the Winter Wonderland online embroidery exhibition. This show is part of the Hand Embroidery Network (HEN)!

Then of course, there is the exquisite hand embroidery of Helen Stevens. I inherited several of her books a few years ago from a dear old friend who passed away at age 80.

Closer to my home, is the hand embroidery of Susan Furneaux. View her work in the online gallery at the Craft Council of NL. Susan uses natural dyes in her work.

Fibreworks is a celebration of South African fiber and textile artists. You will find some very interesting work here. I was fortunate to take some courses from Rosalie Dace, Sue Akerman and Annette McMaster.

The Embroiderers' Guild , UK, has an online gallery that is fantastic! Make sure you check each year for the competitions. I've had a subscription to their magazine, Stitch, for years. It is full of inspiration for hand and machine embroiderers.

Check out the new commissions by the Royal School of Needlework. Also in the UK, is the Artist's Web. This page shows 17 artists in the embroidery category .

There is also interesting work by Julie Southworth, especially her Peruvian and Gaudi work.
If you are into bugs and birds, check out Sarah Whittle.

That's just a small taste of some hand embroidery sites that are worth a look! At the moment, I'm working on a sashiko tablecloth for my kitchen table. A work in progress!

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