Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Joan

Today is my sister's birthday. She was the receipent of a Pisci Fantasticus. For me, it is often difficult to know what to get that special person. However, I do know that people love receiving gifts you make yourself. Sometimes that gift may be something baked in your kitchen, stitched by hand or by sewing machine. I found a few things that might be suitable for a sister, mom, aunt, granny or friend.

Here is a nice reversible placemat or centerpiece mat for a dessert or candy. A clutch purse that's simple to make would be perfect for a special sister. Check out a travel shoe bag and cosmetic bag. For the person who sews (or for yourself), here is an armchair sewing organizer. For those who live far away, why not make a felt cake (yes, you read it correctly). I just had to include this one. Sorry Joan, you get a real chocolate cake when you get home on Monday!! A kimono needle roll looks interesting, also this water bottle tote. Tea anyone! Find out about the insulated tea cozy, oven mitt and table runner. There, these projects should get you motivated.

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