Monday, October 12, 2009

Iceberg Art Cards

Here lately, I've been making a series of 'iceberg' Art Cards. The 'iceberg' is made from painted dryer sheets and stitched onto hand painted backgrounds. The background is interfacing that goes on the tops of drapes. It can be purchased by the metre at Fabricville. I used acrylic paint. Each art card is unique. In the spring of the year, icebergs float along the coast of Newfoundland.


  1. hi Judy - I think i may have one of your iceberg cards already and love it!

    is there any way I can see some more here?
    I'm in Nfld, in Conception Bay South from May til November so can't check out or buy any in Nfld for some time.
    A St. John's friend, in some sewing class, made a really - to me - breathtaking fabric piece - with an iceberg in it.
    barb thomson