Sunday, April 24, 2016

More Fibre Art Pendants with Embroidered Flowers

I just finished embroidering flowers on the rest of the Fibre Art Pendants. They are ready to be packaged. That's a job for some other time.


  1. Love them.

  2. These are lovely Judy! I do embroidered flower/tree pendants too but I embroider them directly onto felt/silk etc then glue them into the bezel. I read in your recent post that you stitch the flowers separately with dissolving stabilizer then attach to the background to give a more 3D effect. Are these done that way too? It is very effective!

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      This time, I got a bit lazy and embroidered directly on the felted background. But I do like the effect of the other way. Both have their own quality.
      I usually have aqua magic dissolvable stabilizer hooped in a small hoop ready to use for stitching small flowers. Then with some different coloured floss, needle and scissors, I’m ready if I have a few minutes to spare. Nice project for travelling too.

  3. Amazing amount of detail in something so small. I love these.